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Oh, the places you’ll go
Oh, the places you’ll go
RECLAR Ultrasonic Water Peeling Device
RECLAR Ultrasonic Water Peeling Device
RECLAR Ultrasonic Water Peeling Device
RECLAR Ultrasonic Water Peeling Device

RECLAR Ultrasonic Water Peeling Device

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· Ultrasonic vibration changes water to a light mist and removes sebum and impurities in pores with water. In addition, it induces molting of dead skin cells to make your skin clean and clear.

Light Therapy & Galvanic
· G Blue: Help to improve skin problems through the galvanic(current) massage that has an effect of blue light optimized for acne and inflammatory skin, promotion of blood circulation and discharge of toxins.
· G-Red : Help to lighten the skin and improve skin elasticity through the galvanic massage that has an effect of red light optimized for skin erythema and UV-damaged skin and improving skin elasticity.

Galvanic indicator
· You can check whether the galvanic functions normally through the blade in LED lighting.

Features of RECLAR Products
· Light therapy functions : Improves skin problems and promote skin elasticity.
· Galvanic ion injection functions: Removes sebum, soothes skin, improves elasticity, effective in nutrition infusion.
· Pure gold blades : Pure gold applied to the blade. Minimizes skin irritation.

How to use Peeling
1. Removal of callus, sebum and impurities. Skin purification process press power button shortly at standby mode. Peeling LED will light up and operation will begin.
2. After cleansing and face wash, use the product while the water is still on the skin. If there is no sufficient moisture on your skin, use after applying a thin layer of water on your face.
3. After lightly placing the end lip of blade on your skin, move it slowly as if you gently scrape off the moisture. *After peeling, the skin shall become dry. Thus, it is better to use moisture essence or mask sheet.

· Ultra Sonic Frequency: 30 KHz
· Battery size: 450nAh / 3.7V / Li-polymer
· Size: 170 * 50 * 15.5
· Weight: 90g
· Charging time: 60 mins

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